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Digital Dentistry
Perfect Smile Dental Studio incorporates many digital techniques to provide excellent patient care. To schedule a consultation in Lutz, FL, please call our office today at .

What Is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry encompasses the use of computer-based tools to improve patient care. Dental professionals use many digital dentistry tools to perform diagnostics, take impressions, and create treatment plans without the hassle and wait time associated with traditional procedures. These tools include diagnostic equipment, imaging systems, and electronic record-keeping.

Benefits of Digital Dentistry

  • Faster and more accurate diagnoses
  • Quicker treatment
  • Reduces mess from traditional impressions
  • Secure and convenient access to medical records
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Why Choose Perfect Smile Dental Studio?

Whether you need routine preventive care or are in need of extensive dental treatment, we want to be the dental practice you visit first. We pride ourselves on providing quality, experienced one-to-one care. We strive to bring ideal dental care to every patient, meeting their needs with personal concern for their well-being. Our advanced digital technology enables us to provide better care in a more convenient time frame.

Our Use of Digital Technology


iTero Intraoral Scanner

This small, handheld device takes highly detailed photos inside the mouth. Dr. Bush uses these photos to create a 3-D digital model of the patient's oral tissues. These photos can help her plan and fit Invisalign trays and other applications.

Panoramic Digital Radiographs

Digital radiographs or X-rays allow dentists to look below the surface and see a patient's teeth, bones, and nerves. The panoramic X-ray machine allows Dr. Bush to see the mouth as a whole.

Electronic Medical Records

These records make it much easier to share information between providers and patients to take their information when they visit specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Dentistry

Why are digital X-rays better?

Digital X-rays use over 80 percent less radiation than traditional film X-rays. They also provide finer detail than film X-rays.

Are digital X-rays safe for all ages?

Digital X-rays are proven safe for patients of all ages. We work hard to ensure the safety of all radiographs, using protective shielding to cover vital organs.

What are intraoral cameras used for?

Intraoral cameras can produce vivid images of the inside of a patient's mouth. When software stitches these images together, they form a 3-D map of the mouth.

How do advances in technology improve the patient experience?

Technology makes dentistry faster, safer, and more convenient. It improves diagnostic quality and helps dentists create useful images that help in treatment.

How do you keep my personal information secure?

Electronic medical records software has many privacy safeguards. Together with software and hardware improvements, we also follow strict guidelines for using and sharing your medical information.

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